Windows Live SkyDrive To Support Windows 8 Metro App, And BitLocker

Windows 8 SkyDrive In about a week Microsoft will release the Windows 8 Consumer Preview which will be a much more finished version of Windows 8 with a ton of new apps and features. One of those new apps is the Windows Live SkyDrive app. You’ve probably heard of SkyDrive before since Microsoft has had SkyDrive for a few years now. But with Windows 8 SkyDrive is much more than just a website where you can share your files.

One of the key new things with the Windows 8 version of SkyDrive is the new Metro user interface for the app making it very touch friendly and easy to use. It also will integrate with other Windows 8 apps to allow the apps to store data in your SkyDrive. Probably the biggest thing is that the SkyDrive app will even integrate with the Windows explorer meaning you have a SkyDrive folder just like you’d have a Dropbox folder. All the files in that folder will be synced with the cloud.

Another interesting thing that’s new with SkyDrive and Windows 8 is the ability to access any file on your PC from the cloud. Meaning if you have a PC at home you can still access all of the files from work as long as you can authenticate yourself.

When it comes to how much storage you’ll get with SkyDrive it looks like there might be some free tiers of service and then there will be paid tiers for more data. We don’t have any confirmation on that but it would make sense for Microsoft to use the same model as Dropbox. In Microsoft’s demo the computer had 75GB of storage so it looks like if you need a ton of storage it will be available to you as long as you are willing to pay for it.

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The Verge
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