Microsoft Ends Support For Windows Vista, XP Will Expire In 2014

Windows XPMost people have already forgotten what Microsoft did right after Windows XP just about five years ago. Microsoft launched Windows Vista which was one of the most unsuccessful Microsoft operating systems ever. The software wasn’t really bad but most of the computers five years ago were older computers that weren’t even close to being capable to run the much more advanced and in some ways bloated Windows Vista. Early adopters had many issues with Windows Vista, most people either never stopped using XP or went right back to XP right after trying Windows Vista.

Vista should run fine on most modern computers today but since most people have completely forgot about Windows Vista Microsoft has ended the mainstream support of the Vista operating system today. Consumers will now need to pay Microsoft to get updates and security patches for Windows Vista. In 2017 all support for both consumer and commercial users will be ended.

So businesses still have some time to keep using Vista, however if your business still has Windows XP systems you are running out of time very quickly. Microsoft will only continue to support Windows XP for two more years since support will end in 2014. Thirteen years is a very long time for an operating system to survive. Hopefully most businesses will have upgraded to Windows 7 or maybe even Windows 8 by the time 2014 arrives.

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