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How it Works

Prime connects technology experts with companies seeking their knowledge for consulting, lectures and workshop services.

Having the right expert at the right time is crucial but finding a good one can be a timely process. You might spend a lot of time looking for candidates, ending up taking the first expert you stumble across. Instead of receiving 4-5 strong vetted candidates to choose from.

We look only for the best experts because we believe that when it comes to consulting, compromising is costly. A strong experienced expert can save you from making costly mistakes and accelerate your growth in new domains.

Experts can join our network only through a rigorous process where they are vetted.  Technological committees, reference checks and past clients projects are deployed.

What’s next?

All you have to do is write what knowledge services you are looking for. Prime’s technical committee reviews your request within 24 hours and finds you the best experts.



How does Prime choose experts that join their network?

Joining our network as an expert includes a process of interviews, reference checks , client testimonials and technical committee.

We only let the best join our network and make sure they are a great fit.

How do you match experts to my needs?

We do not want our clients to spend too much time looking or getting the wrong people. That’s why we will interview you as a client and then find you candidates of your choice.

When you request an expert for a project, a lecture or a workshop, you will be interviewed by  someone from our technical team who will prepare a brief on the request.

Within days of your request – you will be provided with a number of options you can choose from.

How does Prime make money?

Using Prime is free of charge. If you decide that one of our experts is the right one for you and hire their service , we receive a 10% commission

Can anyone access the prime platform?

Yes. Prime is accessible to everyone to register. Once you become a Registered verified members you can also access our Expert network.