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Prime connects technology experts with companies seeking their knowledge

for consulting, lectures and workshop services.


Our domains of operations include:

Some of our experts:

Dr. Roy Sasson PhD

Head Of Data Science & BI @ Google/Waze;
Facutly member @ Tel Aviv University

Past  Chief Data Scientist @ Outbrain

Past  Research lead @ Visual Domains


Domains: Data Science, AI , Machine learning, BI, Applied micro-economics, Statistics

Providing:  Lectures

Jony Shlomoff

VP Engineering @


Past    ERT specialist @ SecurityDAM

Past    Security Directive Team Leader  @ Discount Bank


Domains:    Security research, Packet Capture Analysis, Penetration testing , Networking, Network protocols, Databases, Network architecture

Providing:  Consulting, Lectures, Workshops

Ronen Rozenberg M.Sc.

AI/AR CTO @ TechSee

Past  Co-Founder & CTO @ Astralink

Past   Sr. Algorithms Engineer @ INUITIVE


Domains:   AI, Machine & Deep learning, Algorithms development & research, Computer Vision,

Providing:  Consulting, Lectures

Ron Shoham M.Sc.

Machine & Deep Learning Researcher
Lecturer @ Ben-Gurion University

Past Design Verification Engineer @ Apple

Past Consultant @ Binatix


Domains:  Machine & Deep learning

Providing:  Consulting, Lectures, Workshops

Ron Perry M.Sc.

Entrepreneur and Consultant

Past    CTO for Digital Design @ IBM

Past    CTO @ Worklight

Domains:  Algorithm design, Product Managment, Cloud, Automated configuration & provisioning, Scalability

Providing:  Consulting, Lectures, Workshops

Simon Polak M.Sc.

Chief Scientist t& Co-Founder @ Viisights

Past Senior Algorithms Developer @ Superfish


Domains: Algorithms, Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Providing:  Consulting, Lectures

Gábor Szabó

Consultant, Trainer, Author @ Host Local


Domains:    Automation, CI/CD, DevOps consultant

Providing:  Consulting, Lectures, Workshops

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