Next Xbox To Have Quad Core Processor, 8GB Of RAM, Blu-ray, And More


This past Sunday Nintendo started shipping their latest console called the Wii U which is the first of the next generation consoles. Both Microsoft and Sony won’t be launching their consoles this year and instead will wait until next year. We can expect the consoles to be announced at E3 2013 in the summer, and then ship in time for the 2013 holiday season. So the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 are still a year away. However that’s not stopping reports from being made detailing what the next generation consoles will offer.

Xbox World published an article in their magazine detailing the next Xbox which will apparently be called just the Xbox. I guess Microsoft didn’t like the whole idea of Xbox 720 or Xbox 8. The Xbox should have a few key new features that will differentiate it from the current consoles. Since the Xbox 360 arrived six years ago the next Xbox will have some very significant hardware upgrades including a fast quad core processor, 8GB of RAM, and support for Blu-ray.

So generally speaking the next Xbox is going to be very similar as far as hardware goes to the pretty standard computers of today. To add to the internal hardware Microsoft has done a lot as far as how you will interact with the Xbox. First off there will be a next generation Kinect sensor called Kinect 2.0 which will possibly support Microsof’s own augmented reality glasses similar to Google Glass. Along with that Microsoft should have a new innovative controller.

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